Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lorri Beth's birthday in November! Lorri and Dave Bennett visited us! Lorri Beth loves her daddy and being a missionary. For each missionary's birthday, Sister Howell embroiders a temple hankie --- with a St. Paul Temple, BAPTIZE TO SEAL and the missionary's name. Lorri Beth looks them up in a book, with information from the mothers about each missionary. She write a birthday message to them, draws them a picture and sends them a picture of her. Pres. and Sister Howell include a picture, as well! SHE LOVES DOING THIS (and putting wrapped chocolates in their shoes at Mission President Firesides, as well!)

This is Elder and Sister Sippel --- senior missionaries in Duluth. They live here, as well! Their mission is coming to an end --- but they keep finding and baptizing . . . I don't believe they will ever "retire" . . . from this great work of the Lord!

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  1. Hi Mark and Christine!
    I just found this site I hope you check it often! When are you coming home? I would love to come to your home coming! My son Nick went to the Columbus Ohio Mission and My son Chris is in The Richmond Virginia Mission right now. He loves it and I love getting his letters. He''s been out since January 2011. I don't know if you have time to write or if your still out in the Mission field but would love to hear when you get back.

    Love your Niece Kathy I West