Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Callum and Brayden, our grandsons playing in the snow. A snowball fight was a bonus of making snowmen.

We discovered our son James has a talent for building snow men . . .
This is James, with Pres. Howell, Lorri Beth in the middle and Sister Howell . . . (it's not that cold in MMM!)

CHRISTMAS MORNING! Jessica, Lorri Beth & Paul

Merry Christmas Brynley! Grandma was happy to get to know her! What a delight she is!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lorri Beth's birthday in November! Lorri and Dave Bennett visited us! Lorri Beth loves her daddy and being a missionary. For each missionary's birthday, Sister Howell embroiders a temple hankie --- with a St. Paul Temple, BAPTIZE TO SEAL and the missionary's name. Lorri Beth looks them up in a book, with information from the mothers about each missionary. She write a birthday message to them, draws them a picture and sends them a picture of her. Pres. and Sister Howell include a picture, as well! SHE LOVES DOING THIS (and putting wrapped chocolates in their shoes at Mission President Firesides, as well!)

This is Elder and Sister Sippel --- senior missionaries in Duluth. They live here, as well! Their mission is coming to an end --- but they keep finding and baptizing . . . I don't believe they will ever "retire" . . . from this great work of the Lord!